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About Us

We are all health conscious today. We want to live active long lives. We want to be doing the things we love and enjoying our families and friends, BUT WE LIKE BEEF! There so many conflicting stories about beef. You get tired of chicken, and can’t figure out how contaminated waters can provide safe fish to eat. Then there are stories of pink slime, non cattle produced meats, faux meat, veggie burgers etc. What can a person do who really likes beef? Belted Galloway Beef is what beef was meant to be.

Our beef from purebred Belted Galloway cattle. Like fine bourbon, Belted Galloway’s mature slowly and are naturally healthy and have a sweet disposition. They have a natural ability to utilize a variety of grasses to create delicious beef for your table.

Belted Galloway beef is:

  • Lower in Cholesterol
  • Lower in fat
  • Lower in calories
  • Higher in protein
  • Higher in calcium
  • Higher in niacin
  • And voted best flavor when compared to other breeds.

Based on data provided by the Belted Galloway Society.

Thats why we opened our Farm Store in Harrodsburg, KY> You can drive by and see our Belted Galloway cattle. They eat in our pastures the quality of which we are constantly improving. They eat hay purchased locally in the winter. Our first offering is lightly grain finish e to market taste. We will have some of the grass fed grass finished beef available soon for those who wan the wonderful taste of beef without the grain.


For any inquiries please email or call:

(724) 531-7994